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Welcome to the Paphos Writers' Group



The idea for a writers' group was first conceived over a second carafe of wine at a charity dinner in November 1999. The first meeting was in May 2000, at the Read Mediterranean Centre in Chlorakas. Six people attended and the group was born. Only one of the members had attended a writing group previously, so progress relied much on self help – research and ‘homework’ during the week, followed by reading and discussion at the weekly sessions. During these early years, there was a steady increase in membership numbers from a wide variety of backgrounds with diverse talent. Although members are mainly drawn from the British community, we have enjoyed extremely active membership from other nationalities.


Members began to produce work in local magazines, enter international competitions, and even publish novels. Soon the group numbered twenty and it was necessary to relocate to larger premises in the Kamares Club. During this period, the group produced a compendium of their short stories, articles and poems under the title ‘Whispers from a Veranda’. The work was wholly sponsored by Leptos Estates and all proceeds from the sale of almost 2,000 copies donated to local charities. In January 2006, the Kamares Club closed for refurbishment. As the group by this time had over forty members new premises had to be found. Nowadays the group meets at Laura Beach Hotel in Chloraka.


In November 2012 a number of members participated in the international writing challenge

NaNoWriMo - National Novel Writing Month. To qualify for entry an individual or group must

write a novel with a minimum of 50,000 words - in one month.

It took some effort but they did it! The result titled "Raft of Life" is now published in paperback form by Anixe Publishing UK Ltd

Find us on facebook as "Paphos Writers."


The Paphos Writers Group meet in the top floor conference room at NEO'S SPORTS BAR Coral Bay on Thursday Mornings from 10.00am until approximately 12.30pm. Full Wheelchair access is available. New term starts, same time, same place on Thursday 3rd September.

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This room is provided at no cost to the group but members pay €3.00 each week attended for the refreshments provided by the hotel. The group also maintains a small contingency fund from an annual subscription of€5.00 , payable in January, to meet unavoidable administrative costs and such items as cards and flowers for members during illnesses and hospitalisation. New members will be required to pay a €5.00 on joining. Annual fees are collected in January or at members first visit of the new year.


Topics are suggested each week to encourage members to produce ‘homework’. This is an important aspect of the group’s activities as it coaxes them to write regularly and provides material for discussion at the meetings. This activity is beneficial to the writer and the critic alike in honing their knowledge and skills in the craft of writing.

Each week, a one-page handout on some particular aspect of writing is produced from a wide variety of reference books on writing novels, articles, short stories, poetry, and screenwriting. Additionally, members are asked to complete challenging five minute writing exercises and the resulting work evaluated and discussed. Occasionally the meeting receives visits from other writers, journalists, book and magazine editors and publishers.




Some members take a well-earned break in the sun.


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Penny Smith, journalist, television presenter and author talks to the

Paphos Writers' Group about her experiences in writing her books.













The objective of the group is that members provide mutual help and support by contributing their own works and offering constructive criticism to assist others to share and improve skills in the lonely business of writing.


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Paphos Writers' Group